English is not pronounced the way it’s written

Learn how to pronounce English easy and fast!

PhonicSense is an online English course focused on improving your pronunciation.

You’re going to be able to improve your English pronunciation in 24 lessons, with a revolutionary new method!

What is PhonicSense?

PhonicSense helps you recognize English sounds in an easy and intuitive way! Did you know that the English language has more than 15 vocalic sounds? PhonicSense helps you recognize them in order to understand English better, and gives you the ability to pronounce English sounds easily without having to memorize them word-by-word!!


Listen and practice the correct English sounds in order to improve your pronunciation!


English course 100% online, with plenty of resources!


Includes exercises that let you apply what you’ve learned!

The reviews from students
speak for themselves!

Very interesting, it would be useful to add this course to schools’ curricula, or at English institutes.

Miguel Calderón

PhonicSense's student

Very illustrative, it has a lot of facts that I didn’t know beforehand, which helped me a lot to understand English pronunciation. It’s really helpful for fluency and confidence.

Lautaro S.

PhonicSense's student

I believe that English pronunciation is very important, and this course is very good!

Ana Lucía C.

PhonicSense's student

I learned new tips to improve my pronunciation. Very interesting.

Marco Álvarez

PhonicSense's student

Very illustrative, it allows students to learn the reasons of English pronunciation.

Giovanna García Torres

PhonicSense's student

Original content, and excellent exercises.

Juan Losno

PhonicSense's student

The course makes it easier to understand English pronunciation at listening.

Hugo Calderón

PhonicSense's student

It’s very handy, and it allows you to improve your fluency in English in order to achieve optimal pronunciation. Thanks!

María Luz Basurto

PhonicSense's student

I found it excellent because it provides the tools in order to improve English pronunciation, and it makes it easy to understand when listening to native speakers. Thanks!

Dina Layme

PhonicSense's student

You’ve been learning English for a long time, but you find it tricky to pronounce?

English is the de facto language, and speaking it fluently can open a world of opportunities!

Say STOP to the phrase “Repeat with me”

PhonicSense is a revolutionary method, original, that will allow you to get used to English sounds faster, without needing to learn each word’s pronunciation on a word-by-word basis!

Would you like to know more?

Learning English isn’t as easy as it seems. More than a billion people study English worldwide, and most of them struggle with it, especially because of its irregular pronunciation!