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“Enigmas Of The English Alphabet by Alvaro J. Alves-Milho is an informative understanding of the in-depth complexities of the English language. Comprehensively compiled and arranged for ease of use by non-specialist general readers, Enigmas Of The English Alphabet expansively contributes for a greater and more accurate conceptual grasp of the rules and peculiarities of a difficult and sometimes contradictory language.”

– Midwest Book Reviews

About the book

ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards Finalist!

English is the international language of the modern world. In fact, there are more people learning it as a second language than there are native speakers For a non-English speaker, learning English can open the door to new horizons and many opportunities.

However, learning English —in particular, its spelling and pronunciation— can be extremely difficult. It’s even more so for a student of English as a Second Language (ESOL) who may be used to specific spelling and pronunciation rules in his own language and may be wondering, “What exactly are the rules for English?”.

This new edition of the book explores the history of the alphabet and its adoption by the English language to help understand the peculiarities of its use in the spelling of its words.

An entire section was added describing each basic vocalic sound and the corresponding position of the mouth, using specific diacritic symbols to indicate them. New exercises were added to allow the reader to get familiar with those sounds and mouth positions, helping him or her improve his pronunciation in a relatively short time as compared to other systems.

Why do you need to improve your English?

English is the de facto International Language

People all over the world must study English as a Second Language to succeed in the modern world.

Although it seems simple at first glance, the spelling and pronunciation of English present many peculiarities that can make it very difficult to learn for a foreign language speaker, who is probably accustomed to regularity and consistent spelling rules in his language.

Traditional English pronunciation teaching involves learning every single word in the language as a separate symbol, usually depending on a teacher to accomplish this. For foreign language students, it can also involve learning a different set of symbols for each word, such as the International Phonetic Alphabet, which is very difficult to do.

Both the E-book and the Online English Course PhonicSense explain how English evolved to be an irregular language, using sounds that are different in every region of the English-speaking world. It then isolates the basic vocalic sounds prevalent in most English countries, indicating them clearly in each word, using diacritic symbols. The PhonicSense method helps avoid the overwhelm that can be experienced by ESOL students and provides an easier way to improve English pronunciation!

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I was born in Lima, Perú, and completed my studies in Computer Science at the National Engineer University and Lima’s Catholic University. I’m currently living in Tampa, Florida, where I work as a Software Engineer for a multinational company. Since I was young I was fascinated by history and languages, as well as by mathematics and engineering, which pushed me to break down the intricacy of European languages.


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